Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Spit Roast, And I Was Well Done

If I had to pick one act that I love most about group sex, it would have to be being caught between two cocks, penetrated in mouth and cunt at the same time, aka, a spit roast.   There is something overwhelming, objectifying, gratifying, and intensely pleasurable about receiving this treatment for me.   

Back to the beginning, though.

My day yesterday improved considerably when Master got home and we headed out to dinner and then a Kinky and Geeky event/party.  There is gaming, bdsm, and pizza all in one venue, so it is pretty fabulous.   Our plans had fallen through on kink events for months, so I hadn't even dared to get my hopes up for this one, but we made it and it was great!

 Dinner was Thai food before the event.  At one point I felt satisfied even though my plate of food was still half there.  I announced my intention to stop eating before I got too full.  But as we sat talking I kept picking up bits and eating them since it was just too tasty to resist.  Master took my plate and set it over next to him on the far side. He told me that if I wanted any more I'd have to earn it.  I looked questioningly at him.  

"Earn it as in right now. Under the table," he said.  

I looked around at the other people, blushed and looked down, then commented that I really was not hungry anymore.   
He's helpful, huh? 

One we arrived at the event we started with games, because it is always a fun way to meet people, but after a bit I started making "longing eyes" at my Master across the table.  In a few more rounds he took me to the dungeon room and ordered me to get naked and get some rope ready while he would be right back.  I had stripped down to panties and socks by the time he came back and ordered that the panties had to go too. 

He tied a rope karada on me and fastened me to the cross.  He began with the new floggers, which allowed me to relax into the bondage and the rhythm of his strikes.   Unfortunately we were interrupted several times by a new person who had forgotten (??) that you can't talk to people in a scene.  Finally my Master had to stop and tell him that he was being very rude, and the guy apologized and backed off.  I hope the message sticks or he will find himself uninvited to these events very quickly!

 Master's flogging switched to the stingy set and went on for a good long time so I was able to achieve my state of peaceful, yet aroused, focus on him again.  He brought out the wavy Kris paddle.  That wonderful toy has been hidden in our bag for quite some time.  It was excited to get some use again, I know it.  I nearly orgasmed without a command after one particularly hard smack.  I think I managed to contain it (half-orgasm?), but my Master did notice.

A few other things hit my ass, I'm not sure, but when the tire tread paddle came out I took notice!   I'm pretty sure several of the bruises on my ass were due to that implement.  

Master untied me soon after that, and pushed me to my knees right there.  I looked up at him and he nodded, so I knew what he wanted.  I unbuckled and unzipped him, then took his cock in my mouth.  He continued to flog my back and ass as I worked on him, sometimes pulling my hair as a handle with his free hand.  

He maneuvered me to turn me around, placing my head between the legs of the cross, my shoulders braced against it.  He thrust and ground against me with his pelvis but did not take me. I wiggled and pushed back into him, feeling like nothing but an animal consumed by heat.   I could see straight ahead of us, not 15 feet away, some friends of ours playing.  He was fucking her, and she was tied by the arms to another man who was being flogged by a fourth person.  That was pretty hot too! 

After a clean up of our area, Master took me to the recovery room.  That's where they have the snacks.  We got a little pizza, and then as I sat on the floor in front of him he put my hood on.  I was still naked except for the rope harness.   

We rested that way for a while, then I was released and went to look for our friends.  I had talked to them beforehand about playing together.   We met up at a bed and very soon were getting all sexed up in all kinds of ways.  In a short time I found myself on hands and knees with the other man's cock in my mouth and Master fucking me from behind.  That was amazing.   He (L.) took Master's place behind me and fucking went on until my arms were spaghetti.  At one point he handed me a vibrator and gave me an orgasm so powerful I fell over, screamed and for a second they thought I was injured!

Master and I made the long drive home in a thick fog (literal) and I in a slight fog of happysexness.  

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