Saturday, January 14, 2017

Getting The Sins Beat Out of me by an Atheist

My panties ripped surprisingly easily as Master pulled them straight up from under my jeans.  They were already damp.  They were essentially shredded, but the elastic edges held fast, so he grabbed a knife from the kitchen and cut them the rest of the way.  He commented on my dampness and threw the panties in the trash.

"You are such a hole", he stated as he pressed up against me from behind. I had started to wash the dishes.  I set the pan down in the sink and leaned back against him.  I am such a hole, this was my thought- your wet and eager hole.    He pulled my hair and twisted my breast.  Yes, yes, your hole to use and abuse.  I didn't say anything though yet, not aloud. 

  He asked if I wanted to get fucked.  "Yes, Master", my voice finally came to me.  

When I had knelt for him, naked in the bedroom, he kicked me in the ass and cunt.   He undressed and threw his clothes all around the floor and had me fetch them and put them in the laundry basket, chastising me for a messy room.  I felt no shame, only eagerness to serve him.  I knew it was a sort of a game anyway.  

He had me lie face down on the bed.  He got the holey paddle and beat the holy into me.  Sins be gone!  Come to Jesus! O Lord, yes, Master!  When he was fucking me and I moaned out "Oh God, oh God" he replied "Yes, my child?"  I did feel positively beatific.   

At one point I was on top.   He raised his hand and I flinched away. 

"Do you think I am going to hit you? Are you afraid I will hurt you?"

I nodded.

"I get to hit you.  You are mine.  No flinching away."  He held my chin in one hand and slapped my face repeatedly for emphasis.  I nearly came, but he had not given the command, so I struggled to wait.  He held my nose and mouth shut until my chest hurt, then when he released me he told me to come.   Oh holy fuck, yes.   


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