Sunday, January 8, 2017

To Be Hooded and Played With By Unknown Persons

Last night was our munch group holiday party, and it was fabulous.  

There is always a gift exchange, the kind where you draw numbers and other, later numbered, people can steal from anyone that has a gift, or pick an unopened one.  Generally there is a lot of stealing.  

Some years we get stuck with the "gag" gift, but this year I got an actual gag gift.   A ball gag, in fact, with several interchangable ball sizes, which we haven't had before.   Also in my gift box was brownie mix, a clown porn DVD (this may have be to be re-gifted next year), and best of all, a canvas hood.  I had never worn a hood before, so I was excited and apprehensive all at once.  I know some people love them and others have a claustrophobic/panic response, but I had no idea how I would feel about it.  

On his turn, Master stole from someone else one of the gifts that I had brought!   I bought two things for the exchange, in separate packages: a set of cuffs and a cane from The Stockroom. One of those was from him, but he lets me do the shopping. I'm just going to say that the cuffs were from him as he lit on to that cane and stole it, then re-stole it when it was taken from him and he eventually ended up with it. It made me happy that both the things I brought were popular and were stolen several times before the game ended.  

Nobody at all stole my gift, which was probably due to them being frightened off by the clown porn.  I mean, really- porn with clowns!  
Several people, including my Master, were giving a shudder.

When the exchange and all the stealing were done, Master tried the hood on me.  After it was adjusted I felt quite calm.  The only disturbance was that it pressed on my nose which was sore from an injury a few days ago, but other than that I was very comfortable.  
I thought he'd just take it off again but instead he let me sit there enjoying my darkness and listening to the people around me.  It didn't impede my hearing much and I could breath just fine through the small hole.

He surprised me by gripping my wrists in one of his hands and pulling me down across his lap.  I felt my skirt being raised and my tights and underwear being pulled down.  Both Master's hands were on my wrists then and some other hands were on my rear.  I was spanked and I heard Master inviting anyone and every one over for "free licks" (smacks, not tongue licks, thank god) on my butt.

I could identify some by smell (cigarettes) or the sound of their voice.  But there were many that I had no idea who was fondling, spanking or caning me.  The darkness of the hood made me feel protected and vulnerable all at the same time.  My Master's hands held me at the wrists or stroked my back, encouraging me to feel secure.  He told people my orgasm cue so they could make me come.  This happened several times, and I was embarrassed that I might make a mess. 

I knew when Mystique came over because I could hear her.  Master made me adjust my position- I'm not sure if I was sliding off his lap or what.  Her cane strokes were significantly harder than any of the others.  I began to whimper a little bit in my hood. 

After some time Master rearranged my clothes and set me back up in my chair.  He then invited people to touch and fondle me.  I felt my vulnerability still, but willed myself to relax and not tense up.  I was touched and handled in all kinds of ways as I sat in total darkness. 

When Master removed the hood the brightness was so overwhelming I had to cover my eyes.   He saw a cool new type of flogger across the room and went off to investigate.  He told me to crawl under the table and come to him, which I did.  I realized when I stood up that I was unsteady and in sub space.  It's like when you are drunk but are trying really hard to act normal.  Hasufel held my arms to support me while Master tried out this new flogger on my back over clothes.  It was heavy but not painful.  I imagine with all my layers off it might hurt more.    

We had to stop then because they were all calling us over to play Cards Against Humanity.  This was predictably hilarious, especially considering my state.  The sub space lasted maybe another 10 minutes? I'm not sure since I don't have a watch.  

I believe it was a most successful party this year!!

When we got home I asked Master to take pictures of the hood so I could post them.  

Here I am: 

There was another fun thing that happened at the party, but I believe I will make a different post later about that.





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  1. On the outside the hood itself looks frightening, but the experience seems to be another story entirely!


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