Monday, January 9, 2017

More Hood

Master beckoned me from across the room to follow him upstairs.  It only look a slight look and mouthed words.
He told me to strip.  I took everything off, put my leather collar on in place of the metal, and then he said to get out the hood.

He slid it over my head.  Everything went black except for a small spot of light coming int down by my mouth.  The rough canvas fabric pressed in tighter as he fastened the straps.  One was tight around my temple and the other around my neck just above my collar.   I found out later that the hood also has a handle on the back.  Useful.

Master led me to the bed. I was hesitant in walking blind, but he pushed me on.  When I reached the edge I felt my way to the middle and lay my stomach as he directed.  He had piled up pillows or blankets so my ass was well raised up.  I didn't know what was coming, but I soon recognized the new can he'd gotten at the party Saturday night.  It is rigid and heavy, almost as heavy has his hickory cane.    He tied my hands to the headboard with a leather strap so I was well stretched out.   

Everything feels so different inside that hood.  It's like being there but not really there.  My head tends to float off into other spaces, other times very easily.  Even now when I close my eyes I can practically feel the canvas pressing close to me again.  As he begins to cane me, my breathing sounds very loud and obvious echoing back into my ears, drowning out other sounds, so I have to listen even more closely for any instructions he might give.  The beating went on for a long time with many implements, including the dreadful wooden spoon and possibly the holey paddle.   He stuck his finger in my cunt, then the paddle handle.  Then his finger came into the hole in my mask, tasting all cunty. I sucked on it.  All light was blocked for a few seconds.  

He began fucking me from behind, my masked face buried in the bed.   He turned me over and fucked me more, using the spoon on my tits and thighs.  I came in huge ecstasies.  When he had finished with me from behind again I was deep in subspace, just floating around happily as we cuddled.  He removed the hood and straps.   In a few minutes he covered me with a blanket and got up to practice his trumpet.  Not even those loud sounds could drag me up from where I was. 

Unrelated picture, just because


  1. Oh wow, never been hooded before. Not sure how I'd react to it. I get hinky if anything's blocking my breathing so might not be able to deal with it but wow, hot scene there and beautiful picture!

  2. I love hooding the boy when I want to add another layer to our play.


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