Sunday, January 29, 2017

Ass Beating Saturday

Last night I was so tired.  We had a long walk in the snow together, looking for Pokemon, and then an errand at Lowe's, then got home and I whipped up some dinner.  By the time I'd cleaned everything up I was ready to collapse. 

Master, however, was ready for beating my ass!

This perked me right back up.

I was getting warm under the covers after he allowed me to get in bed.  He ripped them off me with a knowing look.  He took out the tiny flogger and parted my legs, then began striking my cunt.  It was a bit of pain but mostly pleasure and I arched myself up toward him.  He also had the nipple clamps, I noted with dread.  He attached one to my nipple and the other to my cunt lip.  Then he left to go get the camera.  When he returned I was struggling with my breathing; it hurt so bad I only wanted to whimper and hyperventilate, but I was trying to control my breathing because it helps with pain.  

"Breathe", he told me, "It's only pain."   

Well, that's ok then, right? 

 I did breathe, and he took some pictures, and moved the clover clamps, and I breathed (and whimpered some) more, and once again I did not die. After the clamps were off it felt simply amazing; the soreness and tenderness every time he brushed my nipples was exquisite. 

When he ordered it, I flipped over to face down, and he tied my hands to the headboard with the leather strap.  He had gathered up several implements, the new heavy cane, misery stick and holey paddle. He began the ladder game.

He went up to 15.  And then back down again. 
You know the ladder game, right?
It starts out "One". 
And then "One, two."
"One, two, three."
Up to 15 and back down to one. 

By the time he got all the way to 15 and back down again, I was begging for an orgasm.  He told me I must count backward from ten to one first.  Arggggh, it is so hard to wait!

But I did it.   After I had come once he put the vibrator on me and lifted my legs straight up in the air.  He fucked me and smacked me and I came some more.   Then he had me on top and move my hips just right to get him off.   I had a few more intense orgasms before he did.  It was a wonderful Saturday night.  

 I'm saving up the pictures for Photo-a-Day-February.


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