Saturday, January 28, 2017

Shower Sex

We often shower together, at least once a week and sometimes twice.   It is an excellent time for a few minutes of intimacy as well as reinforcing my position as his servant.  

This morning he got in first, then me.  

"Kneel, slave" he ordered, as he often does.  I knelt and he pissed on me, marked me as his property, repeating aloud that I was his and he owns me.  Then he pulled my head closer to suck him, thrusting deep into my mouth.   He rinsed me with the shower hose (we have one of those detachable ones) and helped me stand up.  He told me to turn around and pushed me forward so I bent at the waist.  He took me quickly and fucked me. 

 After he pulled out, I washed him all over, feeling reverently how lucky I was, and then he hopped out so I could wash myself and shave.  

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