Friday, January 27, 2017

A Used Thing

Yesterday Master used me for my purpose both morning and night.  The morning was quick because he had to get up for work, but he still let me come.

In the evening he put the hood on me and told me to stay still.  I was standing near the bed.  He walked away.  I could feel the space all around me.  It felt different than the space around me when I can see, or even than when I have my eyes closed.  Less than a minute passed, perhaps, and Master returned and guided me on to the bed.  I could barely hear his commands, so I ended up getting smacked for lying down the wrong way and making him repeat himself.

He began fucking me and slapping my tits, slapping my face.  I bit my lip during one of them.  He pinned my arms above my head.  Then he got up for a moment, telling me not to move.  I stayed frozen.  He put my hand on the vibrator and had me hold it while he penetrated me once again.  I had several explosive orgasms, then he put it to one side and ordered me to turn over.  The hood makes me feel even more like a used fuckhole than I usually do.

I lay on my stomach, and was completely preoccupied with finding a position for my head in which the breathing hole wasn't blocked as he entered me.   It was dark, in more than just the obvious way.  Frightening, a little, but other worldly and terribly hot.  When he began to move furiously I hoped he would command me to come because I wasn't sure I could hold mine back when he came.  
He did.

Feeling the space


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