Saturday, January 7, 2017


I waited upstairs for Master while he had a long phone conversation.  He had been saying "Maybe I will beat you tonight" all evening.  I was hopeful.

He came in to the room briefly to tell me that I better be naked when he got back.  I waited a few more minutes and then removed my robe.  I was kneeling, head down, arms over my head, as I do all the time, but (unusual for winter) quite naked except for my collar and socks (thank goodness he lets me wear socks to bed).  It was cold but I just kept my inner monologue/pep talk going that this is what Master wanted and I certainly wasn't in danger of freezing to death in the bedroom. 

 Being slightly uncomfortable while waiting for my Master is good for my head.  I worried momentarily about how much worse the cane would feel on my very cold ass, then put that thought aside.

He came back and asked me if I would rather be beaten or fucked. 
I asked if I really had to choose.  "Can we do both?" He said this was a good answer, but not the correct one.  

  "Whatever you want, Master."  Of course.  

He ordered me face down on the bed.  He started with the misery stick and it lived up to its name.  I squirmed and yelped with my face in the pillow.   

He wanted me more quiet and more still.  

I tried, but it was difficult.  He tied my hands to the bed and used a variety of other canes and straps (I think) on me until I was feeling less pain and more spacey.  It became really enjoyable.  I had missed this feeling so much.  He took the heaviest cane and stuck it up between my legs.  I yearned to feel that cane, or anything really, inside me.  After more ass beating he dripped on some lube and shoved it on up inside.  Out of my mind with the desire, I tried humping the stick, but more hard blows from something (cane? wooden spoon?) on my ass made me lie still again. 

He let me orgasm then and then came up to my head to stick his cock in my mouth.  There was the wooden spoon again, (a dreadful thing) on my exposed thigh as I lay on my side.   

Master got between my legs and hoisted them up on to his shoulders.  As he took me, thrusting hard, he continued to beat the backs of my thighs and my breasts with the spoon.  

"Look at me" he said.  I opened my eyes.  His were full of intensity: desire, love, fierceness.   He told me to come, and I exploded.   He fucked me in every position, and then came up to my head to come on to my face and into my waiting mouth.  I enjoyed the sensations of being his sticky mess until he came back with a towel to wipe me off.   He put my leash on for the night and we snuggled under the covers, completely content.   

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