Tuesday, January 31, 2017

All Fucked Out

It rarely happens to me, but today it did.  I was all fucked out, as in sore cunted, ready to stop, please just cuddle me, I am done like a baked muffin.  Of course we keep going as long as Master wants.

Master had called me on his way home this morning and told me to put a big breakfast on and get ready to be FUCKED.

And I did.  I made eggs and sausages, and I washed myself up a bit, and put on my wrist cuffs, collar, and a black slip.  

He had me wait in the bedroom for him after he'd eaten.   When he came in he told me to stay where I was.  He went around behind and kicked me in the ass and in the cunt.  Then he took some pictures.  I'm sure they will be posted eventually here for the Photofest February.

He took me in one swift hard thrust as I was on my hands and knees and it was painful.  I thought I was ready, but I was not ready enough.  He asked me if it hurt and I said "Yes, Master, it is tight".   He kept going and it hurt so good.   

He stopped to have me suck him and then more fucking, then back to sucking.  He stood me up at the dresser and flogged me.   

Eventually he said he was all done and he was going to wait to come until I got back from the store.  He ordered me not to wash myself, but to go all smelling of sex.  No bra or underwear were allowed, and a skirt was also a must.   Once I was dressed I asked him if I looked ok, and he called me over to the bed to pleasure him once again.  I think he couldn't resist my skirty-ness because he bent me over the bed, lifted the skirt, and fucked me until he had a huge orgasm.   
Off I went to the store.  He had also said if anyone stared at me I must be sure to give them a big smile and flirty look.  I was ready.
 I was so turned on that I could feel every brush of my clothes in unexpected ways. 

I was nervous about taking big steps and leaking his come, so I went around the grocery with a mincing feminine gait.   There was almost no one else there, since it was snowing and the roads were kind of bad, and no one stared at me, so no flirting took place.  

I rushed home and unloaded the groceries.  We took a break then, until he wanted me again.  He turned on some sort of porn on the TV while I sucked his cock.   I asked for a spanking.  

He went upstairs and used the bathroom.  I stood at the door watching him and asked if I could go next.  He said "I should make you pee in the snow".  
And he did.  There are pictures of that too.  The snow was sooooo cold on my bare feet.  I think if we do that again I want to wear boots.

I had asked for a spanking, but I didn't reckon on one of such force.   Eeep! It hurt.  But so deliciously good.  He caned and paddled me as I knelt on the floor.  Then he took me again and fucked me in all kinds of ways until I was well and truly fucked out!

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