Thursday, January 19, 2017

Still Sick, But Getting Better

This achy cold turned into an uncomfortable chest cold on Tuesday.  It was Master's day off, but the schools were also closed due to ice on the roads.  I did almost nothing all day except sit in a chair.  

The high points of the day were that Master made chicken soup for dinner and he used me in a way that made me forget I didn't feel good for a short time before bed. 

 I barely slept Tuesday night because lying down made me cough.  Eventually I felt bad about interrupting Master's sleep and went downstairs to lie in a recliner chair.  Not terribly comfortable, but being more upright made the coughing stop so I could sleep for a couple hours.

   Then the schools were closed Wednesday too, and I had to go out for some kids' appointments in the afternoon.  The roads were fine.  I felt like death warmed over.

  Last night I piled up a ton of pillows on the bed and was able to sleep with less coughing, although I was awake a lot even then, so I'm feeling a bit better this morning.   

We had sex last night too.  I tried really hard not to cough on him. :)

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