Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Master is Wonderful

Master was feeling better when he got home last night, so it was time for my punishment.  He took me upstairs and had me strip naked in the cold, cold, cold room up there.  Seriously, it was cold.  He asked me if I knew what I had done wrong, and if I could make sure it did not happen again.  

I said "Yes, Master" to both. 

 He told me to kneel and he got out the worst paddle.  He pushed my head to the floor and gave me a few hard smacks.  I thanked him earnestly (because he is wonderful and I appreciate his discipline) and he said I was forgiven and could thank him by sucking his cock.  

When this was done he inspected my cunt briefly and we went down to watch our movie.

He whispered all sorts of naughty thoughts to me, mainly about denying me, using me as we sat on the couch.  He pulled my hand into his lap and let me stroke him.   I was squirming in my seat by then!  

Finally at bedtime I went up as usual and waited for him kneeling on the floor.  He came in and told me to get in bed.  I was slightly apprehensive that he was going to do as he threatened and simply come on my face, leaving me horny and frustrated, but he didn't.  Instead he tied my hands to the bedrails and touched me, licked me, spanked and fingered me.  He fucked my mouth and then my cunt.  I was in heaven.  I also had a fuckton of orgasms.  How many is that?   I do not know, I'm not counting. 


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