Sunday, January 8, 2017


Master's birthday is coming soon and he had mentioned he'd like another paired set of Florentine floggers, different in feel from the first ones he got.  I put in an order for these, and they were personally delivered at the holiday party.  The handle is actually the ball closest to the loop, not the part that looks handle-ish. 

  I think he liked them, as he immediately pushed me over to a corner of the room and began flogging me.  He did my back and then turned me around for the front as well.  I was still wearing my blouse and skirt so I couldn't get as much of a feel for them, but it was still nice.   

We were having a fun little chat during the tit floggings:

Master:  You are being brave not to even cover your face.

Me:  You hardly ever hit me in the face...

Master steps closer and slaps me in the face.

Me: ...except for on purpose.

Then he noticed some crumbs on my clothes and began smacking them with his hand.  Somehow the crumbs on my chest were being very difficult to remove!  

Good times.  

Esty shop for Whispers of Fire

If you are looking for good quality floggers or dragon tails or other leather goods, I cannot recommend these highly enough. They are excellent.  


  1. Oh! Those are pretty. Going to check out the shop ;-)

  2. I love a good flogging...Master has one large leather one...need to check these out...thanks. hugs abby


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