Monday, January 16, 2017

Nearly Busted

I thought I was perfectly safe.  Hours until the kids get home from school, right?

So, in keeping with my Master's latest order to use the buttplug, I put it in.  I could tell that my ass was rusty- it took me a few minutes to work it in there.   Then for good measure I shoved a dildo in the other hole and went downstairs to look at porn.  I'm sitting there, not naked, thank God, when the door bangs open and it is the older kid.  

What?  They cancelled school?  It's not even snowing.   An ice storm was predicted, so the schools were sent home early.

I closed my window, and waited until he was upstairs to stand up, because you never know when a dildo is just going to come popping out on the floor, and oh so casually went to the bedroom to remove it. I went ahead and gave myself a a quick orgasm, but it was not the long drawn out one I had hoped for.  I took the plug out and washed up.   Whew, close one! 




  1. Close and not something you want to happen but still at the same time exciting. If something had slipped out did you wonder what you would say?

    1. No, there would be nothing to say, so I didn't take that chance and just stayed in my chair until he had gone out again.


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