Monday, January 2, 2017

TMI Tuesday: The New Year

1. How is your year going?

All two days of it are going fine, thanks.  Sunday I did as little as possible, besides cook meals, wash dishes, make lots of tea for Master, and take care of animals

I gained one pound over the holidays and lost it again on Sunday, so that was great, considering how much dessert I ate all week. 

  Today I did grocery shopping, laundry and went out for a big walk looking for Pokemon.  That was fun, plus I hadn't been on any long walks lately.  Also, I masturbated today, and it had been almost a week and a half since I had done so.  December 22 was the last time playing on my own.  The orgasm came on so suddenly I wasn't even ready for it.  I guess I had a premature O.  

2. Did you go out on NYE or have a New Year’s day celebration?

Yes, we went out, stayed up to midnight at a friend's party.   We watched Star Wars and played games.  I drank some mulled wine, but not enough to get very tipsy.   
  3. Ahh yes, those pesky New Year’s Resolutions. How did you do with your 2016 NY resolutions–did you keep them?

I didn't make any last year, so I'm all good.
4. Year 2017, are you carrying over any resolutions from 2016? What?

Nope, nothing.  It is easier that way.

5. What new experiences are you planning to have or hoping to have in 2017?

I'm hoping to go on one or more family vacations this year.  Master has said he wants to do that, so that is a realistic plan.  I would also like to go to some kinky events, but that has fallen through every time we have planned something lately.  I refuse to despair though.  Some day we'll get to another one.

Bonus: Did you see fireworks on New Year’s eve? (Take that anyway you want :-p )

Nope, no fireworks.  We pulled some party crackers and then there was the ceremonial burning of the box of wishes, but no fireworks of the literal or euphemistic sort.

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