Monday, January 30, 2017

TMI Tuesday: Memory Lane

1. Your current home: House? Apartment? Trailer? Condo? Other?

We live in a little old farm house.  It was built in 1915 and has had a few additions since then, such as indoor plumbing. We still do have the outhouse, a double seater with electric lights that still worked last time I checked.  It has not been used in a while though.

2. Which is bigger, your childhood home or your current home?

I think my childhood home was larger. I do not know the square footage, but it had 3 large bedrooms and one small bedroom upstairs and an attic on top of that.  In our current house, the upstairs is the top, with slanty roofs and all.  There is one large Master (hee) bedroom and 3 small bedrooms.

3. Which is better childhood home or current home? Why?

This home is way better because it is on 10 acres instead of being in the city.  My childhood home was pretty good though. My parents bought it for cheap because it was in an area of white flight. White people were moving out due to fear of living near black people (disgusting, eh?) and my parents moved in there because they weren't prejudiced assholes. It was a diverse neighborhood through my growing up years and still is.  It was also an older house of near the same vintage as this one.   I lived in the same place until I went off to college.

4. What was your favorite subject in school? (consider high school, college, grad school). Why was this your favorite subject?

Animal behavior in college.  I love animals and find them always fascinating. 

5. Are you currently working in a field that you studied in college?

Well, sort of, but not really. I do work with animals, but not in a scientific field.  

6. Describe your first job.

I did some pet sitting and dog walking as a kid, but the first job I had for a regular employer was a summer job working for my mom's boss. She worked in pharmacology.  My job was to take lists of journal articles, find the journals in the library, check them out, trek them across the hospital, photocopy the articles and deliver them to him.   It was extremely boring, but I also got to do a few other things, like play around with statistical modeling on the computer and some laboratory work, so it wasn't all bad.  

7. What was your favorite job and why?

My favorite was working as a receptionist for my Master, because we got to eat lunch and walk together.  I enjoyed typing up medical histories too.  I don't know that I've had any job that I loved purely for the work part of it.  I liked certain parts of each job, though.  My first real full time job out of college I liked at first, for the responsibility and importance I felt at it.  But after 7 years I pretty much hated it and everything about it.  That was also in a laboratory.

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