Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Master tried out our new ball gag on me today. And a blindfold.

What happens when one's Master tells you that you must ask to be beaten but you're all gagged? 

First I tried saying it around the gag. 

"Please beat me, Master" comes out like "mmmmfff eee eee, mffdffpph".

He pretended he couldn't understand me.  So I tried sign language. I got the letters all wrong and anyway he didn't understand that I was trying to finger spell. So then I pantomimed hitting myself.   

"Oh 'beat'"!  

I nod.  I point to myself.  

"Beat you?"

Nod again.  I point to him. 

"Beat you me?"  I made muffled frustration noises.  

He led me carefully out of bed to my beating position because I still couldn't see with the blindfold on.

To be continued...

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