Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Continued Fun

A still capture from the video Master made yesterday.    

Fetlife is where the rest of this video is posted, so if you want to see it you need a membership there.  

Yesterday was Master's day off, and he told me to come wake him up after a nap.   When I did, first I asked if he wanted breakfast or me in bed, and he said I should come in there.  We snuggled for a bit which was nice, but then I started wiggling my butt up against him.

Pretty soon he went from sleepy, snuggly Master to "Whose cunt is this?" and "Spread your legs, fuckhole."  

After the begging for beatings part which was yesterday's blog, he had me standing up by the dresser and got out his belt first.   When I was good and belted, he made the above video while fucking me from behind.  Then he flogged me thoroughly (those new floggers really can hurt when he swings hard!) and ended up with more belt snapping and then the tire tread paddle, which was super ouchy.  My butt is still recovering from that one.  

Then he told me he wanted me to be on top and take him, to play like I was dominant.  Which I did. I teased him a bit.  It is still weird to me, but also fun.  I love making him hot and happy and that sure did.  I went from fucking, to sucking, to caressing him with my tits, and then back to fucking, and repeated all that.  When he "escaped" he spanked me and then fucked me from behind until he came.

This morning I have been following his order to wear my buttplug more and get my ass in shape for fucking.  I put it in, then cleaned the bathroom and did the vacuuming, feeling very slavey about the whole thing. 

A couple more snapshots:



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