Monday, September 10, 2012

Evolution of Submission, Ok, not really

Has your submission evolved over time? If so, how has it evolved for you and if not (or if you are just starting out) how might you see or imagine it evolving in the future?

This is covered pretty thoroughly in my first blog post "Beginnings".  

Which you can read HERE

and also in the second post "The next chapter".

Does anyone else notice how after I committed to answering all of the 30 Days Of Submission questions I am now weasling out of them?

No, you didn't notice?  Oh, good.

We have had a wonderful past four days.  Master finally got a couple days off work, and with the kids at school, well, we had two wonderful days together, then he went to play his game with friends on Saturday, and Sunday we had a lovely family outing.  

I would love to write a long and erotic story of our sex life, but at this point it all kind of blends together and I don't remember any details.   There was buttsex, and much other sex, so much that I'm entirely sore still.  

This morning we were snuggling in bed and he starts poking down there with his fingers.  "Ow" I say.   "Oh, are you too sore for this?" he says, still poking.   "Yes, I'm sore",  I reply.    "That must be why you are so dry".    Yeah, I guess so.   And Ouch. 

He got on top of me and contined stroking.  He made me cum so I was not so dry anymore, then he took me hard and fast.  I gasped a bit but after a minute the pleasure was taking over the soreness and I was responding back to him rather than trying to shrink into the mattress.   

He made me turn over and fucked me from behind.

"Come!"  he commanded.  I couldn't.   I said "Master, I can't".    Well, he knows how to fix that.   He covered my mouth and nose with one hand and wrenched my head back with his other hand in my hair.   He allowed a quick gasping breath, then stopped my ability to breath again.  More hard fucking.    One more quick breath, then no air.   And again.  "Come!"  I orgasmed so violently I just about threw him right off.   

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