Sunday, September 16, 2012


I don't know where that mood yesterday came from.  But thankfully it was temporary.   In order to try to change the scenery a bit (stop the kids from being so difficult) and give my Master some peace I took the kids downtown to the Polish Festival.   I didn't want to go.  I really, really didn't want to go because dealing with two kids who want to buy everything in sight and are already crabby with each other didn't seem to have much chance of lifting my bad mood.    But I went anyway, on the off chance I could eat some funnel cakes or something and life would magically be all better.

It didn't quite work that way, but close enough.   We listened to the accordion music, didn't go on the wagon rides but admired the draft horses, Belgians, I'm pretty sure, that were pulling them as we dodged out of their way.   We bought all sorts of unhealthy treats, including a pierogi for me, and pie and donuts for all of us.  There was an Amish tent and I picked up a pie in Master's favorite flavor ( strawberry rhubarb) to take home for later. 

When I got back home I still didn't feel great, I felt tired and sick, but at least it wasn't the "I hate everything" mood of doom and gloom anymore.

After the kids went to bed Master seemed to be in much better spirits and he was feeling a lot less sick.   He was very interested in doing stuff to me in fact.   Last night was so overwhelmingly emotional for me that I'm not sure when or if I will be able to put it into words here.   Or even if I want to.   I'll just say there was a lot of whackings with stuff for this slave, and I did find out that a dragon tail will break skin if it is well applied.    It was absolute bliss.

I woke up this morning with a heart full of song and practically dancing around the house.   Then there was bacon and coffee.   All is good in our world. 

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