Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Not My Own Body, or, Attack of the Pit Hair

Before camp, Master decided I was to stop shaving my armpits.   I have been shaving them ever since any hair started growing there, but from a combination of wanting to see what it will be like, and wanting to control every part of his slave, he told me to stop.    I moaned and groaned a tiny bit, but ended with "Whatever you want, Master".  As usual.   And not sarcastic.  At all.  Really. 

For camp, because of all the other people who might not want to see and would be subjected to fluffy armpits, I got a reprieve, but as soon as we got back shaving them was on the proscribed list.   Shaving everywhere else is still required.  

I have to say, as much as I don't care much for the hair, being out of control of my body, giving it over to him to make all the decisions, is undeniably hot n sexy to me.   So grow on, you pit hairs.    This is what slavery is all about.  Right?  Right?   Echoing silence.  


  1. I'm trying to think carefree hippy and not horrible gorilla person.

  2. My good girl isn't allowed to shave her pit hair either so you are not alone. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Well, I debated a long time about sharing, because it was kind of embarrassing, but I did. Now he has changed his mind (Yay!).


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