Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dragon Tails

Dragon tail whip

A couple of marks on my back from last night
"Are you ready for a little light flogging before bed?" Master asked me last night.  Obviously rhetorical, since I am always ready for pre-bed smackings.    Flogging turned into whipping soon enough.   And ohhhh, it was good.  Stingy enough to make me hop and dance around, but good.  

 Afterward I lay in bed and started getting a tingling in my back, then it went with a rush to my brain and I felt quite high.   I could feel the happy chemicals bathing my brain.  I told Master I was getting a delayed rush, and wondered aloud how anyone could not enjoy this stuff.
"Mmmhmmm" he said sleepily. 
"Thank you, Master".  
"Go to sleep, slave". 

A happy conclusion to a very enjoyable day.  

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