Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Who am I anyway?

Monday morning, Labor Day, I got up bright and early as usual, and went to check on the computer stuff while drinking my coffee.   A little later, Master came down and told me to make some pancakes, so I hopped up and went cheerfully and unsuspectingly off to make breakfast. 

Midway through the making of the pancakes, I hear uproarious laughter coming from in by the computer.  I run over to see what is so funny.  He has changed my Fetlife profile name to SluttyWaffleTwat, and is the process of writing a note on my profile explaining the new name.   You know, just because I thought it was hilarious that someone else's Master went in and changed her name to be punitive (or amusing) doesn't really mean that I wanted my name changed.  

Master had been saying he wanted to change my name for a while, but I really did think he was just joking about that.   I also had been thinking he was joking about getting me branded "Property of..." but now I'm just not so sure about that either.    0_o

 The name can't be changed again for 28 days because of site rules.   He is also taking bids on the right to choose the next new name. 

Last night came in here with "that" look. "You're not going to like what I'm going to change your avatar pic to later this week", he says. "You will be making waffles." I got a chill. Then I flapped off into denial land, la la la.   I sure do like waffles. 

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