Saturday, September 15, 2012

I hate everything.

I had to edit the title of the post for more accuracy.   Every now and then I think I may have approached the patience level of a normal adult, then a mood like this morning hits.  I feel a little stuffy headed.  My Master feels terrible.  The kids are fighting.  The dogs are barking.   I feel like I would rather strangle someone that submit gracefully or happily to anything.  I hate everything.
  I seriously need a long, hard tear- inducing beating.  I feel like it is the only chance of shifting this mood, and my Master just isn't up for it, too sick, not interested at all.  I snapped at him for standing in the doorway when I was trying to get the dogs to come in so they would stop barking- they come in, they go back out, and he's standing in the doorway preventing me from closing it when they come in.   I feel bad about that, but I also feel like snapping again.  It's just bad.  

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