Monday, September 24, 2012

Humiliation, beginner level

It is so easy.   I don't know why, but I am easy to humiliate.  It doesn't take much effort from my Master.  He was reading a thread I replied to on Fetlife about which sexual position people find most humiliating.  I don't find any of them humiliating, it's that other stuff that goes along with it that does if for me, the little things that he says or does.  Before I get too far, you should know that this is not anything bad for me, it is very hot, and really flips all my little "on" switches. 

So last night I waited, as I do every night, kneeling on the floor in the bedroom, knees spread, naked except for my leather collar, holding the riding crop in my mouth.  The longer I wait the more my pussy begins to drip, feeling so open and exposed.  
  He entered the room and grabbed up the crop quickly.  For once I managed to open my mouth at just the right time to not have it pulled loose over my lips, just the perfect release.  I had some sympathy with those dogs who are trained to retrieve hard wooden dumbbells by people who grab them up too quickly.  It's not that easy to get right and not have your lips jolted.   He tipped me forward with the pressure of his foot at my back, so my face was on the floor.  Then he kicked me (hard) in the butt and cunt several times.  

"Is this humiliating?" he demanded.

I was not expecting questions, and I was caught out.  I didn't say anything for a long second and felt the crop strike hard on both upraised cheeks.  Matching ouchy places on each side, filling me with desire, but at the same time, shame at not having answered him promptly. 

"I asked you a question.  You'd better answer."

I squeezed my eyes shut, feeling the coursings of humiliation and pleasure going all through me.  I pressed my face hard against the floor.   

"Yes, Master it is."


He proceeded with a few lighter crop whacks, then switched to the floggers for a brief time before taking me to the bed and having me suck him, then ride him, giving me multiple orgasms that way, then he rolled me over on to my stomach, pinned my hands and fucked me til he was done with me. 


  1. zomg, yes, that!!

    (honestly, having to actually SAY something, oh that's easy humiliaton for me, right there)

  2. And that was an easy one. On the expert level it gets much, much worse. I'm not up to writing about that yet, and may never be.


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