Monday, September 3, 2012

10 Things by 10:30

This is a continuation of yesterday's journal, where I promised to write down 10 ways in which I was seen, noticed or appreciated.

1. Hug attack from the little kid
2. Little kid telling me about his exploding guitar guy (this was him pretending to be that)
3. A good morning hug from Master
4. Master told me to make him espresso
5. Then he sang U2 songs to me (With or Without You and All I Want Is You)
6. Butterfly kisses from the little kid
7. Some alone time: Master squeezed my tits
8. And had me show him my cunt.
9. He told me to make some tea.
10. Talked about this (Sept.2) being the anniversary of our first date (25 years ago). We had gone to see the Monkees, with Weird Al opening for them.

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