Tuesday, September 11, 2012


What does trust mean to you in the context of submission?

It means the same thing in that context that it does anywhere else.  If I trust someone it's because I believe what they tell me, and believe when they say they are going to do something they are going to do it.  

I trust my Master.  When he seriously tells me something, I know he means it.   He does joke a lot, and most of the time I can spot those coming and going. 

  I think it is a little strange when a new submissive or slave says "Oh, I've known him online for 3 weeks and he's just the best Master ever, and I trust him completely".   Three weeks?  Really?  

Sweetheart, deary, love.   

Trust is not some blind leap of faith that you throw out there just because it sounds wonderful.   

"You must trust your Master" is the biggest crock of horseshit I have read all week.    If he is trustworthy, you will know.   After you get to know him, after he has been trustworthy. Then you will know.    I couldn't say exactly when I began to trust my Master.  I know it was not an overnight thing, and I know I fully loved and worshipped him before I had complete trust.  Especially after the Mongol story, talk about a trust shaker, and right after we started dating.  I was 16, innocent as the driven slush.
  But even with that story, he was telling me who he really was, one who could be trusted to tell a great story while winking at the listener and hoping they would believe it.   Eventually I learned to see and hear the winks. 

The Mongol story: 

He said:  "Did you know the Mongols trained their horses to all poop only at night in one area so their enemies could not follow their trail?"

I replied "No, they didn't, nobody does that, that is so silly."

He says, "They really did, I was reading about the Mongols and archeologists using geosatellites actually can go out and find these giant piles of now buried horse excrement dotting the Mongolian steppes. The grass is even a different color over them because of the soil enrichment.  Those were the Mongols' night camps."

Me:  "Really?  That is kind of cool.  I wonder how they trained the horses like that."

Him (chuckling) "Yeah, really." 

Me:   "You *&^%, you're just teasing me, aren't you?"

Him:(now laughing)   No.  

Me:    "God dammit,  I hate you!"

Him: (hysterical laughing)

And that was the beginning of our beautiful courtship.   

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