Sunday, September 23, 2012

Night Out and Morning Chaos

Good morning!   
Serving breakfast can be so stressful, then after it's done I just feel like "Whew, it's done, I don't know what I was so worried about".   

I had a disaster to clean up in the kitchen this morning- we got home late and the kids and babysitter had used every dish in the place and not cleaned up a bit of it.   It was too late to clean anything last night, so it all got left for this morning. 

I worked my way through the dishes and trash, and started in on making waffles.  Then I discovered that one of the dogs had barfed all over.  The kids were yelling, running around the house (amok!amok!), Master was asking where his tea was, the waffles needed watching in the waffle iron and I'm trying to get dog vomit cleaned up all at the same time.  

Just another typical madhouse Sunday morning. 

At least we had some fucking awesome sex earlier this morning, complete with many, many orgasms.   

The reason we were out late last night was we attended a BDSM outdoor camp party.  We didn't stay overnight (and a good thing too- it was REALLY cold last night).  

The tying up rack was close enough to a giant bonfire to provide a certain amount of warmth, even for a naked slave.   Master had me strip and wrapped me up partially in saran wrap, then tied me to the rack and hit me with various implements.    Saran wrap is really very warm- something to remember if you are ever in danger of freezing and happen to have some handy.   

About halfway through he started playing with his Buck knife, running it all over my back and butt, telling me to hold still if I didn't want to be cut.  Then he began cutting away parts of the saran wrap to allow better access for the flogging.   

I did hold very still, picturing in my mind that sharp knife slipping and what it would do to me.  

After he was done he untied me, finished cutting off the saran wrap and told me I could get dressed.  I was standing on one leg halfway into my skirt when I felt a sharp snapping on my ass- he was snapping me with the leather thong.    I turned and looked, and must have rolled my eyes at him.   He said I could pay for that later. 

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