Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Most submissive

Is there a physical position that makes you feel most submissive?

The times I have have felt most submissive have not been in reaction to a physical position.  It has been because of something he said or did to me.  Saturday night was an example of that.  I think it was because I just felt so humbled and grateful to him for all that he does for me as my Master, and it made me feel like a groveling thing next to him.  I felt like a pup that is squirming on the ground and debasing itself before the Master.  I wasn't actually on the ground, I was in bed with him, but that is how I felt.

If I had to pick a physical position showing submission, I'd say this one:

I feel very comfortable and happy this way.  


  1. Interesting. I'm more physical than... emotional still, so sitting below him, like sitting on the floor, is my submissive position I'd pick.

  2. Nice picture - that looks very submissive to me too! Interesting, when i think about kneeling, it's more straight up, rocked back on my heels, knees open - I think it's one of the Gor positions. Of course, that is too, just a different position.


  3. Mostly I kneel sitting up also, but this one is even more abject to me. Sometimes I just use it to stretch my back after a lot of kneeling in one spot.


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