Saturday, March 23, 2013


I really asked for it last night. 
My lower lip is cut, and my pussy is swollen and sore.
 I'm not going to see Master until Sunday night, and we are hardly ever apart for that long.   I'm very attached, I admit.  I depend on him.   I was thinking about that yesterday when I asked for a beating, something that would last, so I'd have something nice to think about while he was gone.

  In his usual way, he said "Maybe, we'll see."

Late at night, he followed me upstairs so quickly I just had time to switch to my night collar.  

 I was hanging up his shirt, fresh from the dryer, when he came in and grabbed me, pulled my robe down and pushed me to the dresser.   He tied my hands tightly with a leather strap and flogged me, front, back and between the legs.  It has been longer than I can remember for that particular delight, and I luxuriated in the smell of the leather all around me, and the sting of the falls on my tender bits.   

Then he took his belt to my back.  It started out light-ish, feeling good, but gradually getting harder and stingier until my feet started dancing of their own accord.  Maybe the feet were thinking about dancing out of the way.   I made myself stay in position.   When my knees started to buckle he lowered me to the floor,  thrust deep inside and told me to cum.   After a minute he sat back and told me to go find some clothes pins.

I crawled across the floor to the bag where they have sat, unused, since last fall.  When was the last time I hung clothes outside, anyway, maybe summer?   Anyway, they hadn't been used on me.

I brought them to him, and he told me to lie down and spread.   

I lay back with a bit of fear and a lot of excited anticipation.  I didn't really know what they would feel like, but I imagined it would hurt.    

He put at least three on each side of my labia, and a couple on  my nipples.  It pinched a bit ( like when the Dr. says "You are going to feel a little pinch"), but when he started flicking and wiggling the clothes pins with his hand I thought I was going to come.    I arched my back; I waited until he commanded me to orgasm. 

He fucked me again, clothes pins still attached, and I moaned and whimpered.  Once again, he stopped.  When he removed the clothes pins there was another rush of pain.   He took a long wooden paddle out and used it on my thighs, and on my cunt.  

The clothes pins again- this time he used them to fasten my lower lips to each other.  They were all neatly pinned up closed now.   More wiggling, more orgasms.  Ohhhh!   I think I like it.  Such a slut.

Then off with the pins, blood rushing, pain,  ohhhh ouch!   He took  me again, holding me down, telling me to struggle.  I wiggled ineffectively.  He stuffed his t shirt into my mouth, hard, and told me I wasn't getting away.  I kicked and punched at him; he kept fucking me as I was unable to budge him.    When he grabbed my hair and held me down I folded, completely relaxed in submission, unable to even pretend to fight.     

He let me up, told me to get the Hitachi and get into bed.  He made me cum over and over as he fucked me and the magic wand did it's magic :).   When I was completely wrung out he flipped me over and came inside me.  

We lay together in the damp spot, and he said he is enjoying the positions he has been teaching me.  I have two positions now, to be done on command, besides kneeling!  This makes me oddly happy. 

 They are:

Cuddly Cunt Position One
He is lying on his back and my head nestles against his shoulder, right at the perfect pillow spot there, our bodies close. 

Cuddly Cunt Position Two
Known to other people as spooning.

Sometimes the names are switched to Cuddly Slut Position One and Two, but the positions are the same.

We drifted off.  I dreamed of pancakes.  In the morning he fucked me again, quick and hard.   I told him about my dream after and he said "Pancakes and poontang, sounds good.  Go make me some pancakes, slave".    

He has gone now, until tomorrow, but I will be enjoying thinking of all this for a good long while.   Thank you, Master! 



  1. Thanks for sharing a very hot and intense session.


  2. I totally get the attachment thing. I hate it when Mistress is away. I want her home with me every night! Luckily, the feelings are reciprocated, she doesn't want to be away from me either.

    Also, you're positions are exactly the ones me and Mistress use too, even though she hasn't taught me any names for them. Maybe she will, someday. :-)

  3. I have to use all my little self-talk tricks to keep my spirits up when he is gone. Remembering now nice Friday night was, thinking about how soon he'll be home. Keeping extra busy at the times of day when he is normally home. It's funny how routine works. Since he's normally gone to work all day, I don't miss him so much then. But in the evening, when it is time that he would normally be home, I distract myself so I don't think about how he's not here. Yesterday I went to Mystique's and hung out, and had take out food with her and another friend. When I got home there was just time to get all my animals taken care of and then go to bed.

  4. I love love love to have bruises and marks while He is gone, and I get all sad when they have faded...


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