Friday, March 22, 2013

Wednesday's Task and Thursday's Tribulations

Wednesday's task given to me by Master was to run down to the local smut shop and pick up some porn for him.   

This is slightly embarrassing, but not as much now as it would have been a few years ago.  I'm gradually getting immune to embarrassment.   Whether he wanted me to do it because of the hotness factor of making me do it, or whether he really just wanted some porn that wasn't free on the internet, he didn't say.   I'm guessing the former.  (edit to add: he read over my blog while I was working on it and said yep, the first one). 

Anyway, I looked around a bit, after showing my ID to the extremely thoroughly pierced girl at the counter (really, given our respective apparent ages I should have been checking her ID).

Then I went to the "bondage" section and grabbed a movie at random, made a quick detour to grab some of the good lube, paid and headed home to check my lambs.

They were doing ok, not great, but tottering around after their mom in the barn.


In the morning, some of the sheep were not doing well, so I had to take care of them.    One ewe was lying down, and a sheep that won't get up will soon be a dead sheep if you don't figure out what is wrong with her and fix it. 

When they were settled and fed, I went inside.   Master was ready to watch his movie.  I, of course, would be in position on the floor between his legs, and would not be watching the movie.  
That is my job. I don't complain.  I enjoy my work :).

The movie "A Bondage Proposal" turned out to be like most other porn, which is to say, terrible, but the sounds of floggers and whips encouraged me. 

Master had me lie on the table and he caned my front, my thighs, my cunt until I was dripping wet.   He flipped me over and neatly tenderized the other side as well.   Then he pulled me to the edge of the table and thrust in hard. 

Later on, I went back to the barn.  We were supposed to be over at Myst's soon, but one more feeding for lambiedoodle first.  I hurried back inside, and Master told me to go check new lamb too.  Back out to the barn- I should have done that when I was there. 

UH OH.  The new lamb (one day old) did not look good.  She was cold.  So I brought her in the house.   We spent the next 3 hours treating her, warming her, and gave her a shot of penicillin.  

Also, one older ewe would not stand up.  On my mom's advice, I gave her some magnesium citrate.  

It was maddeningly frustrating.  I was getting really depressed.  I cried, and cried some more.  Master yelled at me for being so emotionally over wrought, told me I was being unhelpful and over reacting.    I just felt so helpless, though, like I was royally screwing this up, and it was all my fault. 

With the lamb settled in a box next to the wood stove, we tried to watch some tv, but I couldn't enjoy it.   Master started tapping at me, and I asked if he wanted to spank me.  He said yes, so I crawled up over his lap.   Spankings don't fix everything, I know.  But they might help me feel better.  For a bit.  

We eventually got over to Myst's house, 4 hours late.   A short visit, then  we headed back to check the lamb.  Miraculously, it was warmer.  Warm enough to stomach tube some milk into it.   You can't feed them when they are cold or it makes them sicker.  

We discussed Confusion.   We were supposed to have a little trip this weekend, to see friends, game, eat, stay in a fancy hotel. 
They call it Confusion.   Like a "Con" (convention) but more confusing because there is no organization, it is just a bunch of friends.   I was really looking forward to it, but I will have to stay home to take care of the sheep.  Master and the kids will still go.

And for the final blow, I got up this morning and was in the middle of doing some stretching before going downstairs, and Master came up to tell me the little lamb didn't make it through the night.

The old sheep will need need medication and watching this weekend, so I'm not going anywhere. 



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  2. I'm so so soooryyy for the sheep, and for you're not going... I hope that next day will bring you some better stuff... :)

  3. sorry about the little lamb - sooooo sad. I hope this weekend isn't too stressful for you .



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