Sunday, March 3, 2013

When long time friends turn out to be kinky

A few months ago Master told me we could go to Madtown Kinkfest if I could find an adult sitter to watch the kids for the weekend.  Our regular sitters are too young for that much responsibility, he felt.  I agree, of course.

So I finally got around to asking a very long time friend of ours if the kids could stay with her, and she said sure.  Then she asked what we were going to be doing.

I debated making something up, or being very vague, and I asked Master what I should say.   He said go ahead and tell her about it, because we'll probably run into her adult children there anyway. 

Now, this friendship was purely gamer-based.  We get together, play games, eat a lot.  Her husband and boyfriend (poly family) are both Master's long time gamer friends.  We had NEVER discussed our sex lives or anything like it with each other.  Most of our friendships are like that.  It is just not something we do, or wasn't until we made a bunch of kinky friends.  

So I replied, casually enough, that we were going to Madtown Kinkfest.  Her reply?  "LOL. Awesome".  I'm sure she was more surprised at me than I was by this response.  She sent me her Fetlife profile page.

Then of course we started up a whole conversation on the subject of kink.   She said she'd figured me for a dominant (!?).  Must be the way I boss the dogs around.  

Anyway, far from being uncomfortable, it was an amazing feeling being able to open up even this little bit with an old friend (not in age, of course, she is my age!). 

Since March is blog question/answer month here is a question for my blog readers:

If you haven't been into the kinky scene forever, and are not that open about it with everyone, has anything similar happened to you?

How did it go? Well? Or not so well?


  1. People always assume I'm dominant too.. (jokes about whipping the husband, or being on top) maybe because it's obvious we're blissfully happy, I must have my way all the time?

    I don't have an answer for your actual question because I'm not in the "scene" at all. :)

  2. That's awesome that the conversation turned out that way.

    We have only been into M/s and kink since one started blogging about a year ago. We do not have open conversations about it with others however there are some close friends that have made comments about knowing. Not sure what they think we know but sometimes we are not very subtle. We went out to eat with some friends Saturday and the other couple we were with automatically sat across from each other. Daddy asked them to move so he could sit next to me on the event he needed to pinch me under the table. Yeah, not subtle.


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