Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Busy day, good friends

Last night I woke up in an absolute panic about being away from home next weekend.  I worry about the animals because there is just a lot to take care of here.   And I was freezing cold.  I rolled over to Master, cuddled up to him and mumbled "Cold, Master, cold".  He threw the covers back over me, the ones that had fallen down.  I love him so hard!

This morning I got the animals taken care of, then headed for the gym.   At the end of the driveway- huge pile of snow!  Obviously the plow had just come by our house.  So I ran back to the house, grabbed the shovel, spend 15 minutes frantically digging out the driveway and then rushed off to the gym to get some peaceful yoga.  Does there seem to be some contradiction here?

On the way to the gym I started having more panic attacks  about leaving home and dealing with the animals-- how I will get them arranged and how the pet sitter will deal with things.  

Did I mention the snow drifting as high as my car in places?

The yoga was great.  Afterward I felt much more relaxed and called and talked to the person who will be taking the baby lamb for the weekend.  Big sigh.  One thing done. 

I went to the farm store and bought food for the critters.  I got 150 lbs of it, plus some more heated buckets. 

This morning there was a path through this snow bank.  Now, not so much.  

One of the dogs (Sprite) and Lambiedoodle, who thinks he is a dog, or possibly a person.  He is sure he is not a sheep.
After several more errands, I went to visit Mystique.  It was like a small party over there again, with all kinds of friends.    Eventually I had to head home.  I still had the laundry, more animal care, tons of shoveling, unloading the car of the feed sacks, and making dinner to do.   
I'm pretty wiped out, and I didn't even get the part of the blog about how much fun we had last night written.    Luckily, writing is kind of relaxing for me.


  1. I love the sheep, I just love her!!! I'm kind of freak about animals, and when my Master hears I'm squealing he asks "Have you seen another puppy or this time you got something different?" :P About snowing - luckily for me, I move to the city, so I don't have to cope with that... but because of that I can't have a dog, so... I don't know what's better.

  2. You know it's been years since one has seen snow... it looks so pretty... from a distance :D

  3. I took some pictures today. It is near the top of my 4 foot garden fence in the drifts. I'm done with loving it for this year.


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