Tuesday, March 26, 2013


For unknown reasons, I'm feeling horny today.  Restless, hot, anxious to come.  Last night I expected to be sent straight to bed, but instead Master caned and then flogged me, then we had  quickie sex and went to bed. 

Today I'm just feeling like "More, more, more!"

He regularly changes up my masturbation rules, from week to week or even from day to day.  Sometimes, none is allowed at all.  Other times, I can do one time per day.  And sometimes, as much as I want.   If he hasn't mentioned the rule recently, I have a tendency to forget what the current one was last time he did mention it.  I'm thinking it was somewhere between once (already did today) and "as much as you want".  

I'm thinking I'll play it safe rather than be sorry, and just wait until he gets home to ask him.


  1. I find that when im told specifically that i will not be allowed release for a period of time its all i ever think about, yet when its not mentioned and im not getting orgasms i dont think about it.

    Yeah playing it safe is probably the best option, or text! lol


  2. He doesn't have a cell phone at work, and doesn't want me calling him for that kind of thing, so I just waited until he got home. One a day was the latest orders, so good thing I didn't. :)

    I'm the same way tori, if I can't at all, I think about it all day, which is his whole purpose with that order.

  3. I suppose it's some psychological behaviour, cause I work in the same way :) And yes - asking is always the best way (as I got know sooo hard) :)


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