Monday, March 25, 2013

Master is home!


They had a good time, until the trip home when the kids were fighting and the little one got carsick. 

So guess who is going to be cleaning up barf today from the booster seat?  Yeah, me.  

But I don't care, because they are all back safe and I didn't have any disasters over the weekend.  And I mean none, little or big, so that must be some kind of new record.

Master said everyone asked where I was, and he told me he said "She's at home chained in the basement because she displeased me."    Such a kidder.   I'm sure he didn't really say that.  Pretty sure anyway. 


  1. Glad everyone is home and you survived your time alone. Hoping you get some good fun as a reward.

  2. I'm also glad everyone came safe and no matter did he said anything like that, important that you heard that :P


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