Monday, March 18, 2013

Service Or Use

This started off as a discussion on Fetlife:

Some slaves are service oriented, which to me means that is the part of being a slave that they enjoy the most.    They love nothing better than to quietly and unobtrusively serve, make the household run smoothly and in general make Master's or Mistress' life better. 

I say I am not especially service oriented because I didn't go into this with a desire to serve. My passion is to be told, ordered about etc., and to be owned and controlled, not so much the serving quietly.

However, because I am a slave, and because for my Master a big part of his requirements is service, I do it all the time. Because I want him to be pleased with me, I continually try to improve my service to him. It doesn't come naturally, but it is part of the whole deal because of the one who owns me.

    It does (now) make me happy to be serving and to be useful to him, but that is something that he trained in, or that came about later for me, something that was not originally present in my make-up.

Master and I have had a couple discussions on what he expects, what part of this makes his naughty bits most happy, and how I fit into that.   He also most enjoys the control aspect, the ordering, the commanding, sometimes the use of force.

Bending me to his will, as he would put it. 

In that way we are perfect for each other, even though we never realized it for many years (or maybe we did in a more subtle, unspoken and unexplored way, as some of my friends have commented to me).  

Self portrait, myself, ready for service or use.


  1. Im not sure how i would define my slavery, i havent known any different with my Master because our relationship started as D/s, (ie never was vanilla) so his expectations were clear from the very start.

    I enjoy service very much and see it as being integral to my slavery, it was something i learnt to love, whereas my desire to be controlled etc was there before i met him and hence why i pursued this dynamic..the 'kink' developed as the relationship did.


  2. I never tried to separate slavery from service... I always thought about that like about doing whatever He want me to - no matter if is it a cleaning house or staying naked all day. And that's why I really appreciate reading blogs - it brings me some new view on issues.


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