Friday, March 29, 2013

The hard strap

I put on lipstick after I brushed my teeth.   It was bright, bright, whorish red, not the kind I usually wear for every day.   The kind Master likes to see on his cock.  

As I knelt in the bedroom all I could think about was the smell of sex wafting up at me.   Master's only word to me as he entered was "Strip".  

I tossed off my robe and he pointed to the dresser.  I turned around, bent forward and grabbed it.   He started slow and worked up the intensity.  When I gasped in pain he stepped forward, wrapped his belt around my neck and told me to come.   He held me tight so I didn't collapse.

After snapping my shoulders, back, ass and thighs with the belt, he switched to the thinner, sharper strap.   I yelped and danced in time with the blows.   He told me to turn around. 

"This is going to hurt", he commented in a casual tone.

I closed my eyes, raised my head and arms out of the way.  I don't know if I could stand to see it coming at me with my eyes open.  He has good aim- my thighs were marked.

"Spread your legs".  Oh god.

I stepped apart a teeny bit. 

"Spread.  Your.  Legs."

Fully spread now,  sharp pain between my legs as the strap found its mark, my cunt dripping, my thighs trembling and trying to close on their own.  I held them apart, breathed raggedly, and waited for the next stinging slap of the thin strap.  


  1. Yeah, "wow" is just perfect :-) To control myself is the worst task ever...


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