Saturday, March 2, 2013

Baaaaa! Baaaa!

Sometimes, things don't go all that well for a sheep farmer.  This little lamb was born one of twins.  The other lamb died right away, and this one was cold and weak.   I brought him in the house, warmed him up and started bottle feeding.  Usually, they can be sent back to their moms after this little amount of help and everything is fine.  But this little guy just kept getting cold and lying unmoving in a corner of the barn stall whenever I tried that.  He's a little underdeveloped, most likely.  The ewe's milk dried up in short order, with not being used.  According to my mom, her udder wasn't that good anyway.   This is Master's favorite ewe, though, so I don't think she'll be going anywhere.  Her name is Adot.  

He lived in the bathroom for a few weeks until he learned to jump out of the plastic tub and was making a huge mess of the bathroom.  After spending all day mopping up after him once, I moved him to our enclosed porch, where he is right now.  He has to be bottle fed every 5 hours, and he has learned this schedule so about an hour before feeding time he starts up with the baaaaa!  baaaa! baaaaa! - for an hour.  

I'm still mopping the porch several times a day, but at least the bathroom is clean.  I bought a new mop so the old one can be exclusive to lamb clean up.   

 The kids complain about all the noise (they are waaaay over the cuteness factor of lambs), but Master has said not one word  about the inconvenience of it all.  

All the dogs treat him like a puppy rather than a sheep, and love to lick him.  That is Pepper in the picture with Lambidoodle.


  1. I almost wrote a comment regarding dinner and mint jelly, but decided that discretion is the better part of valor.

  2. LOL @little monkey The same thought was here... in fact one read the title and thought oooh what's for dinner? Sorry ancilla_ksst we are mean little apex predators Hangs head in shame

  3. Doesn't bother me- one guess at what our freezer is full of. Although, those ones didn't live in the house and come running when I called...


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