Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ass kicking

Last night I got my ass kicked.  And it was good.

I wasn't really expecting anything, but I went up to our room as usual to wait for Master.   He came in, tipped me forward on to my face, flipped up my robe and paddled me.   Then he kicked me.  He had me stand up and he kept on kicking me, karate style, while I tried to stay in one place.   I kept getting shoved off balance.  He closed in, gripped my neck tightly from behind and told me to cum.  Which I did.

Then he fucked me while slapping my face so hard I thought I might have bruised if I was one to bruise easily.  He punched my chest, slapped and twisted my breasts.  He let me use the Hitachi at the same time as all this and I was having a non stop stream of orgasms.  It was quite fantastic.   It went on as long as I could stand, then he rolled me over and fucked me that way too. 
Also, most fantastic.    Happy sighs.   

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