Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Hint of Spring?

I heard some Cardinals singing today, the barn is flooding, the driveway has turned to 4 inches of slush.   

It may be spring coming at last!

This morning I got up early, ate my breakfast, found the internet moving at molasses speed and decided to sweep the house instead of playing.

Master wasn't feeling good (another cold!) so he slept in.  When he got up I made his breakfast and then headed out to the gym.  I was a little late for my yoga class because of the breakfast making, but some things are more important that yoga class, right?  

I also went for a swim in the pool there, which felt great.  

I stopped by Mystique's and visited with her as long as I could before I had to head back home again, picking up groceries on my way.      Master had told me to be home no later than 3 or 4 hours after I left, so I had a deadline. 

There hasn't been much going on here but chores today.  

Last night I got quite a hearty paddling with the long wavy paddle.  Master asked me if I regretted wanting it, and I didn't.    It was quite painful, but in that thrashing around on the bed in orgasm/ecstasy/painful way.     Don't regret it a bit! 



  1. "I heard some Cardinals singing today..."

    Isn't there a delusional state that people in cold climates suffer from at the onset of spring?

  2. It's good to have something to do.


    Oh not at all! Well, other than the delusion that spring really is coming when there are feet and feet of snow on the ground.


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