Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Snow is pretty, but I still hate it.

This is a snow drift up by the garden.   Under this beautiful snow is another 3 fricking feet of the stuff.  

Anyway, snow rant is over.

Ok, almost over.  The front fence here, of which you can see about 8 inches, is a four foot tall fence.  Behind it is our garden.  

I'm so done with winter. 


  1. Its funny (well not for you) but here in the uk where i live the kids are desperate for snow as specifically where i live it happens rarely.

    So when it does snow it is a big thing, the children at the school where i work were getting all excited as it was forecast last month but never materialised.

    I hope for you though it clears up soon.


  2. Our kids were out playing in the snow and having a great time yesterday. They still love it. Also, the older one makes good money for buying video games by shovelling.


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