Sunday, March 10, 2013

Attitude Adjustment

Last night I was feeling pushy.  I'm not sure if it was coming out in my voice or actions; Master said he didn't notice anything, but I felt like I wanted to take over, just a bit rebellious.  I don't know if other slaves get these moments.  I mean, not really take over, I just felt like having my way, like giving the orders.  I worked up the nerve to tell my Master, and he absorbed the news in silence.  After a few minutes of quietly waiting I said I was hoping he would do something to "fix" me.  

 "Like spank you?" he said.  "That would be giving you exactly what you want."

 "No, not that, something..." I trailed off.   I didn't have any fixes in mind either.   

So we sat together, and I thought about my pushy feelings, and he watched the movie (we are watching Rome now).   

His hand wandered over me, spanking and tweaking.  Hitting me in the cunt until it was achingly sore.  

When the movie ended he roughly pulled me up, ripped off my clothes, tied my wrists together with my robe sash, and threw me over the couch arm on my back.   He fucked me hard, dry.   I couldn't seem to lubricate the way I normally do.  He told me to cum.  I didn't.  Couldn't.  He slapped my face 5 or 6 times, "Cum now!" and I did.   He flipped me over and fucked me hard.  I was sore and moaning.   Arms still tied together, I was resting on my face.  

He fucked my mouth also, then finished in my cunt.  By the time he was done I was sore and very much well used.  

"Still feeling pushy?" He asked me.  

"No, Master".  It had all evaporated completely, that feeling, and I felt quite humble.         


I was looking in the mirror this morning and saw the indentation my collar has left in my neck.   Although I don't wear it at night (I have a different one then) or while swimming or showering, it has definitely left its mark.


  1. First of all, sorry for my English... I know the feeling. Terrible... But I haven't ever thought about ask my Master to fix me! Should say thanks for the idea?

  2. I'm not sure if you should thank me. See how that goes with him and then say or not!


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