Sunday, March 10, 2013


You are so totally cool! Did you get that way by being a Gorean?
When will you come out of the Gor closet? Tal! Short!
Thank you, Master.
But!!!  Not a Gorean.  Not even close.  First of all, my Tarn ran away.  Secondly, I only ever learned one position.  
When am I coming out of the closet?  As soon as you take off the chain holding me in there, Great Ubar of Gor.  

2) Is it true that Bad Horse made you his mare? I've herd rumors...
No!  These rumors are totally unfounded.   That one time when we were supposedly seen at the Hard Rock Cafe, that was actually someone else wearing a ksst wig.  


  1. I just needed you to know that I snorted really hard and now my sinuses hurt.

  2. You see this is why one never does the ask a question thing... it just encourages them to come out of the woodwork :D


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