Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mutual Feelings

I guess Master was feeling the same way I was because last night he told me to go upstairs, take off my clothes and put on my robe.

When I got back down he had me stand beside him and he fondled me while he looked at pictures on the internet, then told me to go back upstairs.  He didn't even wait for me to get all the way up, but pushed me down on the stairs, flipped up my robe and fucked me right there.   On the stairs!

When he let me up I scrambled up the rest of the way and made it to the bedroom.   He finished fucking me doggy style on the floor and then we went to watch our movie (Downton Abbey- season 3!).    During the movie he gave me a spanking, and then later, as we were lying in bed ready to drift off, he told me he wanted to spank me again.  I rolled over, and he did, before cuddling up and sending me off into dreamland with a warm, tingly, sore bottom. 

And for any who missed the reply to my own question yesterday - the current rule is once a day for self pleasuring. 

1 comment:

  1. Love doggie style and spanking and the fondling. Heck, love it all. Sounds like a great night.


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