Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter Peeps!

Since we are not Christians here, Master is an atheist and I'm more of a Deist, or something, Easter is celebrated with chocolate and eggs and sex.  

Master reminded me that it goes back to the Pagan celebrations of Spring, and fertility, rebirth, the old dead winter leaving and the new life being born.  Thus we have eggs, from a seemingly dead thing comes life, and chickens, and rabbits, who are notoriously prolific.   And of course, fucking.   

We celebrated the holiday with a bout of that, which started out extremely silly, with an egg and some photographs.   Then it turned into a serious discussion.  Sex sometimes does that.  Silly/serious, all the moods come out.   We were talking about him playing with other people, and something he said just completely broke me down.   I cried, and told him why I was crying.   I felt a bit better, then we went downstairs and took a shower together.  

I asked him if I could email a friend about it and get her input.  She's a slave also, and has a good perspective on things from the outside, as well as being able to be blunt and get straight to the heart of matters.  Also, she matches my opinions on slavery pretty closely.    He said yes, and he read all my messages before I sent them.  

She told me that I should get over myself and think like a servant, just obey, that is always the right thing.    It seemed so simple put that way.   

And so, a rebirth of my good attitude.   Happy Easter Peeps!


  1. Terrific photo.

  2. Wow, fabulous pic! I'm sorry for your distress, but it's awesome that you are communicating so well with your Master and that he thinks it's fine to talk to a friend. Good luck!


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  4. Thank you, I really love and adore this man, my Master, even if he is a sadistic bastard sometimes.


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