Thursday, March 14, 2013

Burning Bush

So, I had my cunt hairs burnt off today, you know those little stubborn ones that always escape the razor? 

It was far more frightening than painful.   Master had to tell me sternly to quit hiding under his robe and whimpering when Mystique started piling the flash cotton on me down there and getting the lighter ready.

Flash cotton:  POOF!

A quick flash of heat.

And then a bad smell of burnt hair.  

A couple more times, which were easier to take now that I knew what it was going to feel like- really no worse than a slap.  

There was a lot more... but maybe I will save it for a different post. 



  1. Wow, it sounds pretty scary... I saw it once on some movie and I thought is reaaaally painful, so I'm surprised about what you wrote :)

  2. I suppose it depends on how long the fire sits on there, burning. This flash cotton goes up so quick that you barely feel it and then it is gone- in a FLASH!


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