Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Typical Day

Every day is a little different, but this was my Friday.   

6:30  wake up, Master tells me to roll over so we can cuddle.

6:35 He tells me to get up and make breakfast.   I start the tea, the coffee, some sausages.  I let the first shift of dogs outside.   I make an English muffin for Master and slice up some cheese.  This makes a nifty little cheese/sausage sandwich for him.  I just am having just sausages.  Well, I will eat them later.

6:45  mix up lamb milk replacer and feed the lamb who has been baa'ing insistantly for the past 20 minutes

7:00 Master comes down and I serve his breakfast

7:05 kids come downstairs and I make toast for them
7:15  eat breakfast while checking computer for messages
7:30 get kids organized
7:45 get kids out the door to catch the bus
8:00   keep Master company, polish his shoes
8:30   make bed, gather laundry from upstairs
9:00   write blog, reply to messages on the computer

9:15  put dogs back in, let out second shift of dogs (some of the intact males don't get along).  Take a shower, get dressed.

9:40 Call Master and ask him if I can drive up to W. (town) with Mystique

9:45  feed lamb, who is complaining again.   He headbutts the bottle, spraying milk replacer all over me so after that I go and get dressed.

10:30   put dogs away, feed the big sheep

10:45  Head out to the store.  Master had told me to join a gym,
so I need new clothes (OF COURSE, right?).  First of all, I own no sweatpants at all, so I need some of those.  Second, my old bathing suit was a size 18 and doesn't even remotely fit.  The new one is a size 12, which makes me pretty darn ecstatic.

11:30  Shiny new clothes in hand, I head over to the gym and fill out all the new member stuff.   Then I go walk on the treadmill.  This is kind of fun- I get to watch TV even though there is no sound.
I only make it about 15 minutes before my phone rings and it is Mystique. 
So I get changed back and head out to the car.  By the time I get there she is arriving.

12:30  I call Master as we drive and ask if we can come see him for lunch since it is on our way.   He says he'll probably be working through lunch.   So I ask if we can bring him some food.  He says sure, I know what he likes, so pick something for him.   We stop for Chinese.

1:30  We eat at work, partly with Master who gets about 5 minutes to gobble down his food.

2:00 Head back.  The errand in W. was cancelled.

2:30  I get my car and go to two different banks on Master's errands, then the grocery store.

3:30 Arrive home, unload groceries, put the laundry in.

3:45  Feed lambiedoodle again. 

4:00 I finish up my workout with a quick walk and some weight lifting.  

4:15  Kids get home, make snacks, talk n stuff

4:30  Feed the big sheep again and  fill up their water which involves draining the hose afterward so it doesn't freeze up again.  It has had ice in it for the past week, which means I've been carrying all the water in buckets.  But today it was finally above freezing so I could use the hose again.
Then I shovelled water away from the barn door where it tend to make a puddle.  A puddle that freezes and must be chipped away in order to open the door.  Hopefully I have averted that for tomorrow. 

5:15  Go get the garbage can from the road and scoop the dog poo from the yard.

5:30  Start making dinner.  While things are cooking I started working on this blog.

6:30  Master gets home.  He goes upstairs to change, and I ask if I can come with him.  He says yes, so I follow.  Upstairs I get a hug, a kiss and a couple taps with a handy wooden spoon (stored on the ironing board for easy grabbing).

6:45   I serve dinner, and eat with him; the kids eat in the other room. 

7:00 I wash dishes and read a few blogs, work on writing this one right here.  Do a little online surfing. Switch the laundry over.
 Master goes upstairs to lie down.   After half an hour so I follow and cuddle in next to him.  

7:30 Cuddling turns into fondling, and each time he touches my breasts I squeak; they are still so sore from the day before.  Fondling turns into fucking, and as he does so he asks me if I want my ass fucked now or later. 

I answer, of course, "Whatever you want, Master".

"That is the only right answer, slave" he says.

"No noise at all now.  You will have to bite the pillow"  he commands.

He rolls me over and with a little lube starts to enter me.  It is tight and painful.  I squirm and wiggle, he holds me down and presses on.  Fuck it hurts.  I wiggle harder, really trying to get away now, hoping he'll reconsider, change his mind, even though I know he won't.  I flail my arms ineffectively, hitting his arm.

Sternly now, growling at me "Lie still and behave, slave.   Take it now, I'm going to fuck your ass".  He slaps me for emphasis.

My body collapses, resistance crumbles.   I am flattened.  Then he is deep inside of me and almost all the pain is gone, replaced by pleasure of the most intense type.   I bite the pillow and do not make any noise.

Afterward I'm flooded with complex feelings: a bit of feeling degraded, well used, a lot of happy physical satisfaction after having multiple orgasms, and even more gratitude that he did what he wanted without regard for me.  Why gratitude?  Because I need that.  Because of the word "peon" on my arm.   I don't want to be able to squirm out of stuff, and it means a lot to me that he won't let me.

Sometime o'clock:  Not really sure on this one.   I do some online chatting while Master checks his favorite websites.  
He tells me to make tea, and I get as far as heating it up, but forget to bring it to him.  He waits a good long time into the movie we are watching before taking me to task for not having got the tea.  By then I can't even remember if I made it or not, so I go look.  There it is, cooling.   So ashamed, I bring it to him and he debates out loud whether he wants to punish me or not.  Eventually he decides not to, but I feel bad enough anyway.

11:00  The movie is over, and I let dogs out, feed them, feed the lamb one more time, put the last load of laundry in the dryer, and I go upstairs to wait for him.   I know he might be a few minutes, so I do some exercises on the floor.  Then I get into position and wait.   This time I don't fall asleep. 

11:30  He comes in and tells me to go to bed.   Another day is done. 


  1. Im exhausted reading that lol

    The bossman always (apart from weekends) gets up before me and brings me tea in bed..i know im pampered.

    Well not its just that, im not a morning person he is and he likes his quiet time downstairs and im just a complete bitch on waking lol.


  2. Wow, I'm inspired and exhausted. But it was great to see your day and your interactions...thanks for sharing!!


  3. How many dogs do you have? :) i just discovered your blog a few days ago. my name is ali by the way. i loved this post. i really get a lot out of seeing others' routines and you making this so detailed was great. Is this your mostly regular routine day to day? Anyway, glad i found your blog and look forward to reading more.

  4. Hi Ali, Thanks for reading!
    We have 10 dogs. The routine with respect to the animals is pretty well set in stone. In service to my Master, the morning routine varies. Sometimes he wants early morning sex or blow job. Sometimes he gets up and makes his own breakfast, leaving me to catch an extra 1/2 hour of sleep.

    The trip with Mystique is not something I do often, but usually there are some errands to do.

    And at night, that is pretty typical, although it varies according to my Master's whim or desire. Sometimes we just go to sleep, sometimes he beats me, sometimes we have sex, it really just depends.

    The routine of waiting for him in the bedroom, kneeling, is required.


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