Wednesday, March 13, 2013


This morning I was not feeling well at all.  I guess I'm finally coming down with the cold that Master and the kids have had.   I'm a bit better now, but Master told me I didn't have to go to school (helping mom day once a week- Master had signed me up for it before our trip) if I wasn't feeling well.

I got up, made breakfast for the kids, let dogs out, fed the lamb.  Master had already made his own breakfast while I was struggling to get myself out of bed.

After the kids got on the bus he told me to come upstairs and keep him company while he dressed, that he wanted to talk to me.

I knelt on the floor and gave him some news that I had gotten from an internet friend this morning.
We may be able to meet them (a couple) at an event we are attending this summer.  We are both excited about that, as we have been exchanging messages for as long as I have been on any kink websites, even before Fet. 

His news for me was that I have blanket permission to go to the gym and work out with Mystique and to have lunch or coffee afterward.   I no longer have to call him each time, which I have been doing.   However, he told me I'm not to spend more than $12 on lunch. 

I got kind of a deer in the headlights look, and said I spent more than that yesterday.    He asked for an accounting, so I told him what I had, and that with tax and tip it was over $12.   He said that was all right (under 12 before tax and tip will be ok).  I said it would only be an occasional thing, because eating lunch out gets expensive, and he was happy with that. 

He also said "No playing (without his presence) without getting approval from me beforehand. And I'm not going to give approval."

This was similar to what he has said in the past, but he just wanted to make sure I understood what I had permission for and what I did not.  

Then he told me to strip, and I waited for him to finish dressing, as I still knelt on the floor. He told me to lie down and play with myself, which I did. He put his foot on my neck and told me I was his forever, that I could not get away, that I belonged to him. Then he commanded me to cum. My legs wanted to close, but he pushed them apart and watched me cumming. So open and exposed to him, just the way he likes it!

Then some cocksucking and a very quick fuck (Not too sick for that?   Nope, hardly ever, and even if I were, it wouldn't matter if he still wanted me- running snot and hacking cough does tend to put him off). He had me clean him off, and used my hair to dry himself.  

He gave me my instructions for the day, and headed off to work.  
I miss him already.  


  1. Hope your feeling better soon.

    Sometimes i miss 'playing' with others and reading your accounts reminds me of those good times, but i dont think its likely we will go down that route anymore...unless he can be pursuaded otherwise.


  2. Thanks tori!
    You never know, I guess, he might.

  3. I love playtime at the morning, before work and going out. But one thing I miss is opportunity to stay a bit longer and cuddle. Or just being in one bed :)

  4. Yes, I miss out on the cuddling sometimes. Some days that is really ok, and other days I think "If only he didn't have to go to work..." I'm sure he is thinking that every time.


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