Friday, March 15, 2013

An Owie Color

The other part of our morning together, besides the burning of flash cotton on different parts of me, the hair removal technique of the day, was the spankings and blowjob.  For me: the spankings, and for Master: the blowjob.

I was lying across his lap.   I find OTK (over the knee) or in the lap, one of the most erotic positions for spanking.  There is something about the closeness of our bodies and the intimacy of it that I love.  He started with his hand until he said that was getting sore.  I offered to go fetch the whacking implements, and he said I should bring a bunch of them, but didn't say exactly what he wanted.  

I ran upstairs and fetched down a variety of things, hesitating over some of them. 

Cane? Of course.  Miniblind rod? No, definitely not.  Single tail?  Absolutely.  Floggers?   Not today.  Paddles?  I guess so. 

When I arrived back downstairs,  he picked up the cane, and said to Myst, "Let's start with this because I know she hates when I start with this."

They took turns applying that cane and the leather paddle to my butt, and also the wooden paddle.
Mostly it was quite bearable, and even pleasant, but as I lay in Myst's lap Master ramped up the intensity, and up, and up. 

I was whimpering, but I don't think I was trying to get away.  About a dozen strokes after I thought I couldn't take anymore he asked me what my color was. 

"An owie color".   Somewhere between yellow and red.  Perhaps a sunset orange.   Meaning: I really don't like that.  At all.  

He let me stand up for a minute, then told me to lie down again.  My stomach really started hurting then, and I said so.   It has been giving me trouble on and off the last few days, and lying on it was not helping it.   They gave me a break, and we cuddled in a heap on the couch until I was feeling better, talking and just being easy with each other.

Master started in slowly again with the cane.  Then he turned me around I gave him a blowjob while she whipped me with the single tail.  This is just pure pleasure for me and I almost came several times, but held off until I was commanded to orgasm.

Also, just for fun (his fun), Master had added a few sharpie marker decorations to my butt before all this began.   NPH with a circle around it was one, which was a brand in the movie Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay.  You'd just have to see it.  It is pretty hilarious in a stupid/fun way.  Master is a big fan of Neil Patrick Harris.    That was on one side, and I had to go look in the mirror just now to see what he had written on the other side.

"Property of NPH" it says.     Hmmph.  


  1. Oh come on, you know the rules... pics or it didn't happen ;)

  2. I guess there were pics, but I don't have access to them. Sorry! There is a similar pic on FL I think.


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