Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hot Dirty Van Sex

Hooking up the trailer had never easier.  Normally it takes a lot of effort and frustration, but tonight, the hitch just slipped together, slick as snot

 As soon as it was secured with chains, Master grabbed me by the coat and dragged me into the garage.  He pushed me up against the wall and kissed me hard.  Bending me over the hood of his car, he took me quickly from behind.   Unfortunately, the dog was there being really annoying,  interrupting things.  I tried to shoo him away to no avail. 

"Get in the van" Master ordered.  He climbed in after meI should say that my van has been used lately for hauling hay, not to mention all the dogs that ride in it with me, and it is still just a mess in there.   That is what you get when you have a farm and don't have a truck (sad face- I want a truck!).  

I was not really dressed for speedy sex, since I was wearing jeans, my Carhartt jacket, Muck boots covered with, well, covered with barn crap.   

That didn't matter.  

Master wanted me right then and he was going to have me.    He fucked me long and hard while telling me what he wanted to do to me and another slave at the same time.    I didn't notice how much hay was getting stuck to me until he let me up and I was picking hay out of EVERYWHERE.  

I went inside and had a bath.   But when I went upstairs to get dressed again I realized he wasn't done with me yet.   He was waiting for me.  Master pushed me to the bed and told me to lie on my stomach.   As soon as he grabbed the bottle of lube I knew what was coming.

I squeaked out the world's tiniest "no" when his cock began to plunder my ass.  

The chilly toned "What did you just say?" flattened me. 

"Nothing, Master."

He told me to be quiet, since I guess I was making some noises.  I bit down on the comforter.   Then it started to feel good, and I wiggled and bucked against him.   He went slow for a long time, just letting me do the work, then he began thrusting hard and deep until I came several times, my ass clenching his cock.     

After he came in my ass and we were lounging on the bed, I commented that "hooking up the trailer" had never been more fun that that.  Heh heh.  




  1. So much spring int he air, huh :)?

  2. Is that what it is? Whatever is the deal, I'm loving it.


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