Monday, March 4, 2013

Diet and M/s

I'm on a low carb diet currently.

Sunday our son decided to make cookies- oatmeal cookies.  They smelled heavenly, but I resisted eating any.  I am not one who can just eat one cookie.  Either I eat no cookies or I eat half a dozen.  There is no middle ground.  They are just so yummy!

This time it was not my Master who has ordered me to diet, but he frequently will be eating some carb-rich food and I'll make puppy eyes, and even beg for some, and he'll refuse me a taste.

So I wasn't that surprised yesterday when I started talking about how good those cookies looked, and how much I wanted to eat them, and then finally got around to asking if I could have one, and his reply was "No cookie for you!"


I couldn't decide whether to curse  him silently or thank him for helping me with my willpower.   Probably the latter would be more appropriate. 

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